The Prologue

I have been having a hard time getting a start on this blog. I have read some blogs in the past but I don’t believe that I have ever read their prologue. So knowing where to start and with what content has been the challenge. I suppose in my situation as a professional triathlete and using this blog to represent myself as a pro, it’s best to start off with a bit about my race season. I have a lot of other plans for my blog and in time, I will follow through on them. So stay posted…

My coach, Michael Lovato, and I sit down at the beginning of every year and go over a race schedule. A lot goes into picking a race. First, I knew that I was going to Austria for 70.3 Worlds so we wanted to work backwards and choose races while always looking at the big picture. I had also told ML that I wanted to race much more than I raced last year (I would always get jealous of some of the guys who were racing often and doing well while I was sitting at home training on that weekend). So I wanted to give this a try for the 2015 season and see how this approach works for me. I also needed to look at racing from a logistic standpoint, knowing that I wasn’t going to fly to Australia for an early season race. Picking a race based on my strengths is a big key factor, ie: wetsuit swim/no wetsuit swim, hills/no hills, hot/cold, etc….

Below is my 2015 race schedule. Both coach and I feel this is a great line up for me given all the factors of my strengths ans weaknesses and timing. I have a few options in my schedule but for the most part, this is locked in stone. There is a long gap after Worlds and before Silverman because Zana (my other half) and I will be taking our product ZJay’s Saddle Sore Soother to Interbike in September. I have been told how demanding that can be and I need to be cautious about racing after that Expo.

3/15–70.3 Puerto Rico

5/2–70.3 North American Championships, St. George

5/17–Challenge Knoxville

6/14–Challenge Williamsburg

6/28–70.3 Buffalo Springs

7/26–70.3 Calgary

8/30–70.3 World Championships, Austria

10/4–70.3 Silverman

Options for after Silverman include 70.3 Austin, 70.3 Los Cabos, 70.3 Miami, or Challenge Rancho Cordova

I have been super focused this year and I have only been improving. I am really looking forward to this season! I have a lot of help this year compared to past years from my sponsors: Blue Bicycles, ISM Saddles, PowerBar, Pearl Izumi, TYR and ZJay’s Saddle Sore Soother. I also want to mention how important it is to have my family and my fiance in my corner… So, this is the beginning of my blog and the beginning of an exciting race season!

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