Ironman Mont Temblant

Here’s a picture recap of my debut race at the Ironman in Mont Tremblant.

It was perfect conditions all the days leading into the race. Training and hanging out was super fun and our condo offered amazing views of the landscape. Here’s a pic of our view below…


The lake right below our condo was Lac Mercier. This lake is a bit smaller than Lac Tremblant and it was the lake that we ran by during the marathon. There wasn’t any regulations to swim in the lake so that’s where I did my pre race shakeouts. I don’t know why my leg is up when I dive but Zana was my photographer for the weekend and we only had one take. IMG_1165

I even convinced Zana to splash around with me one of the days! She still has it! The gazebo on the pier was a fun place to kill some time. We sat down here after the race and just kicked it for a little over an hour while watching a pair of loons dive just a few meters out of the shore. IMG_1191

We were happy to be there together!IMG_1161

Since it wasn’t a wetsuit legal race, we had to wear the speed suits. However, it was cold! I feel it was cooler than 72 degrees and when I got out after my warm up, I had the hardest time staying warm.


Swim exit! Finally!!!


Check out the rain puddling in the road. It was sketchy! But you had to be reckless. I had a lot of fun on the bike. This was at 90K and it only got worse.


Running into T2 after 190K of riding. Everything was soaked!


I had this sweet photo sent to me by the local newspaper. Not sure exactly where in the run this was but I believe it was the second half.


Fireworks went off when I crossed the finish line in 1st!


I did it!!


Podium with Rapp and Kilshaw.


My fans are always rep’n my bike sponsor Blue!


My mom and dad were ecstatic and super proud!


An awards banquet isn’t complete unless there is music!


I got to share the podium with one of the best in the world: Mary Beth Ellis!


Zana was finally able to get into the finish chute and as soon as she got in she ran to me and jumped in my arms! I got an immediate cramp and had to let her down but I gave her another hug!


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